Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sweet Success

Greetings and salutations friends! This is Sarah Simplified's simple husband here. I caught Sarah in a dazed and confused state and got her to agree to let me write a post here on her blog. If you'd be so kind as to indulge me, I would love the opportunity to regale you with the world's greatest explanation of success ever written (by me in my own little world).

Right about now you might be wondering why in the world I would want to ramble on about success on my wife's blog. Well, here's the scoop... My wife became an Independent Distributor for It Works! about three years ago. In true motherly fashion, she did this to help our family. Since I am the greatest husband she has ever had (and only one), I support her 100% and do everything and anything I can to help her succeed. 

To do this to the best of my abilities, I forced myself to figure out what success looks like so I would know when we reached it. I've heard rumors about this whole success thing, but never really knew if I had ever found it, or achieved it. Today is your lucky day. I figured it out and I'm going to share it with you...kinda-sorta. 

Family, friends and money. Three things that most of us want and/or need to survive our short lives on this rock called Earth. But which one makes you successful? 

Families are everything. Without family, you don't exist, but that's basic biology. No family means no parents. No parents means no you. It's not the fine technicalities of lineage that I'm talking about though. I'm referring to the love, joy, sadness and pain that come from being part of a family. Yes, all those things. If you never have the sadness and pain, you'll never truly appreciate the love and joy.

Friends are right up there with family. They bring you the same love, joy, sadness and pain that a family does - just on a slightly different plain. Some of your greatest friends may even hold an honorary title of being family.

Money has a way of being both a blessing and a curse. However you look at it though, it is a necessity in life. There's not a lot out there that's free. It's a fact of life that you need money to buy the things you need to survive. The money left over after doing that is gravy.

So you're probably wondering which one marks success. The short answer is all of them. The more complicated answer is that it's different for everyone and you have to decide that for yourself. 

The wrong combination of these three can make you miserable. Lots of money with no family or friends gets pretty lonely. A big family with no friends or money can also be quite miserable. Fine tuning the mix that works for you will determine what success looks like for you. 

We have a wonderful family and lots of amazing friends. My wife started her business to help add a little something the the financial side of the picture for us. She did this because she loves her family. She continues to do it because her fellow It Works! friends are now like family. She also happens to love the products and truly enjoys sharing healthy living with others (new friends). The fact that it adds a bit of income to help out on the financial side is a bonus. 

The fact that she is able to do all this while still managing to be an incredible, loving mom and wife is amazing. If that's not success, I don't know what is. 


  1. That sounds pretty successful to me. I salute you both.

    1. Thanks Tim! Finally having her allow me to post on her blog is a huge success for me. Thanks for paving the way.

      The other stuff about success is pretty cool too. :)

    2. Thanks Tim! Finally having her allow me to post on her blog is a huge success for me. Thanks for paving the way.

      The other stuff about success is pretty cool too. :)