Sunday, December 18, 2016

All in Good Time

I love doing life with this guy. He makes me smile!
Patience isn't always a virtue I possess. That being said, Jesse has taught me that sometimes it is best to let people figure things out in their own time. Deep down I knew this, but times it is hard to sit back and let things happen.

I have always loved Jesse. I honestly think the first time I talked to him on the phone I knew there was something special there. It would be three months before we ever met in person, but I already knew I loved him. It didn't take me seeing him in real life to figure that out. The fact that he had a few pounds extra around his middle didn't phase me when it came to my love for him.

We both love food. For both of us a large part of our upbringing was centered around food, family and love. Jesse has always loved food, and loved it in large portions. How could he not? His mom loved to cook and bake, and she was AMAZING at it. I remember when we were dating and I visited him in Texas I kept liking one thing more than the other.

BUT, while we both loved food, over the years I grew to know how important staying healthy and exercising was to my overall well-being. Unless it was a holiday or something I tried to watch my portions and exercise regularly. On the other hand, Jesse does not like to exercise and usually had the theory, "Go big or go home," when it came to food.

Over our 10 + years of dating and marriage, the topic of Jesse's weight has come up on multiple occasions, and I know it was at times a source of tension. While I knew the decision to live a healthier lifestyle had to be on his own time, at times I was impatient. I wasn't sure if I was suppose to encourage him or leave it alone. I always prayed he knew I encouraged him not because I want a husband with a 6-pack, but because I wanted to inspire him to think about his quality of life in the years down the road.

The Decision
Needless to say, I was shocked when after Thanksgiving he took the plunge and joined Weight Watchers. I have a guess, but I'm not entirely sure what spurred that decision to be made. I wasn't going to complain! Needless to say I have been blown away by Jesse's dedication to the program. He has been diligent with entering all of his points, and he is doing an amazing job. I'm so happy for him, and SO PROUD to say that he has lost 18 pounds since Thanksgiving! Portion control...portion control...portion control...

I guess I haven't been all gushy about this at home or overwhelmed him with high-fives or gabbed about it endlessly for fear of jinxing it, but I wrote this blog so he knows that I'm bursting inside with pride, with joy and so much more! There are times it is rough for him. For instance, last week someone at work had a birthday, and he said no to a piece of cake because just one piece of cake was 23 Weight Watchers points. When he told me he turned that down I did a happy dance inside.

There are so many reasons I'm proud he is my husband and father to our children. If it is all possible, I'm now more proud of him than ever for choosing to take charge of his health. I'm proud of him because in him choosing this journey it has me looking at my eating habits as well and making appropriate changes. I'm proud because I know this is NOT easy for him.

Better Together
Jesse's change to improve his health has spread into other areas of life as well which are also having a positive impact on me. He started to do more goal setting and scheduling with things both in his personal and work life. Knowing that I need to make a change both at home and with my It Works business as well I'm ready to get 2017 off to a great start. Check back for a future blog on that topic as well!

It is crazy to say, but I honestly think that with these changes in our lives it is bringing us closer together. I think we are communicating better than ever, Not that we were ever down in the dumps or gave each other the silent treatment, but it seems like our overall moods have improved as well. There have been more laughs, more stories shared, more special moments, etc. I thank God for this, and so much more, every day.

Simply put...I'm excited. 

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