Saturday, May 28, 2016

Fits Me to a T

You've heard the commercial..."The touch, the feel of cotton. The fabric of our lives." Apparently that applies to me because I think I might have a problem. I have a bit of an obsession with t-shirts. Let me explain how I came to this realization. 

In the next few weeks I'll be joining forces with my 4 siblings to help my parents move out of the home they have lived in for the past 36 years. We are prepared to take up the challenge of weeding through and then packing up 36 years worth of memories. Currently the task seems a bit daunting, so we thought we'd put a fun name to the big move. 

The name we came up with is: OPERATION GREEN DRIVEWAY (OGD). (As I mentioned in a previous post, the original color of our driveway was green. Yup, it was green. We were known as the house with the green driveway.) That being said, I mentioned that we should get t-shirts made to commemorate OGD. My younger sister replied, "That is tempting, but do I need another shirt? Hmmm."

That was such a silly question to me. Seriously, can one person ever have too many t-shirts? It is like when our younger daughter said things like, "This mac'n cheese is too cheesy." WHAT!?!? Or the time she said that the dessert was, "Too chocolaty." Once again....WHAT!?!? In my book things can't have too much cheese, too much chocolate, and one certainly can't have too many t-shirts. As I further reflected on this I realized that in a way my life could be told through shirts. Seeing as I turn 40 on Monday I thought it would be fun (for me at least) to see my life in shirts.
This t-shirt blanket pretty much sums up my high school, college and tutoring years. My mother-in-law was a master quilter, and it brought her such great joy to make quilts for others. I'm afraid I insulted her gifts as a quilter when I asked her to make me a t-shirt quilt, but she never let on if it did. I love the blanket and love that she made it for me. Browse through these and you'll see volleyball uniforms, COS and intramural shirts and remnants from fantastic trips.

After I left MLS I took a call to Martin Luther College. I bet you couldn't guess that by the amount of MLC shirts I have. If I had included sweatshirts that would have been another whole picture. For a few years my sister-in-law thought the only colors I wore were black and red.

Fast forward a few years and I was asked to become a member of the MLC Alumni Association. I'm on the Events Committee and am in charge of planning the Sprinter Campus Fun Run every year. Lo and behold, that brings on more shirts. This girl doesn't complain.

I never was a huge fan of running, but a few years ago I picked it up. I'd like to say I started doing 5K races because it challenges me and it helps keep me in shape, but in all reality it could be because I always get another shirt. 

After MLC I went to River Bend, and then now for the past 3 years I've been working at New Ulm Public High School. I think it was good to add a splash of purple, don't you think?

Around the same time purple was introduced into my wardrobe I joined It Works which has resulted in another whole color theme around our house. Black, green and bling are everywhere as my girls like to point out every time they see anything black or green. 

If I ever had another blanket made for me, these miscellaneous ones would definitely be included. Some represent fabulous memories with the Scharf clan up north, one is from a job I loved, another is from an amazing trip and some represent Jesse. They are all a part of me, and things that I love to keep around.

I realize this blog was a whole lot of fluff and not much substance, but it was fun to sit back and reflect. It also is truly representative of me and my style. There may be an occasion or two when I enjoy getting dressed up, but in general I'm a casual t-shirt kind of gal through and through. It also got me thinking....wonder what my t-shirt collection will look like in the next 40 years...hhmm. You'll have to check back in 2056 to find out. 

Simply shirts?

P.S. The OGD shirts aren't being made....any ideas on what else we could brand?

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  1. This was excellent! I was getting overwhelmed with the amount to t-shirts Fred had, so we now have the "One new t-shirt, one must go out" rule. ;)